2014. Oier Gil, Marc Padró and Guillermo de Rojas.

Video. 1′ 23 “.

“Palabras” (Words) is a personal interpretation of the following phrase from Marcel Duchamp:

“Las palabras no tienen absolutamente ninguna posibilidad de expresar nada. En cuanto empezamos a verter nuestros pensamientos en palabras todo se va al traste.”

(“Words have no absolutely no chance of expressing anything.  As soon as we begin to pour our thoughts into words everything goes to the hell.”)

The meaning of the sentence itself is re-stated through letters composed by animated audiovisual sequences.   It should be noted that both the images and the soundtrack deal with the mentioned quotation.  And so, by breaking up the syntactical content of Duchamp’s phrase, the sentence’s main idea is rendered.

Link to video: