Town of the Flag

2013. Video.

A Ghanaian boy with eye problems proudly waves his country’s flag in an orphanage in Accra, without really being aware that it’s the flag that is waving him.  A flag from a country that is, amongst others,  governed by the United States of America.  When President Barack Obama visited in 2009, he promised prosperity to a town, which despite possessing great amounts of gold, languishes in misery due to the expropriation of the precious metal by first world countries. Five years after that promise was made, the republic of Ghana continues being governed in the shadows by the United States of America, who show their good side in politics, yet hide behind the tricolor flag of this state in the west African continent with whom it has not fulfilled its promise to foment development.  In this way, the orphan boy is brandished by a piece of cloth that embodies the parallelism of its true being in the representation of the inverted American national anthem and with President Obama’s words that extract with their sound the coloring from the happy country.  Junior is the boy’s name, who for lack of an education, is proud of the colors for which he is a slave, along with his town.